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. >> the weird thing is, his defense strategy is the soldiers presented a threat to the taliban heads. that's his defense. that defines a jihadist right there. >> there's no reason that shouldn't be a military -- >> by the nature of his defense, he's defining his crime and what he did. >> can you imagine being the victims and the families of the victims having to sit there and be questioned. >> i think the military's not going to lets this get out of hand. he might try and grandstand to make this a case for jihad, but the judge is going to slap it down. because you just mentioned his defense, it will be difficult if not impossible to prove what he did. and i say, let him do it. let him explain why he did it. because this is what radical islam is. since our administration doesn't want to talk about it, there he is, he was trying to protect the taliban. >> now it's going to be shameful for the obama administration because -- >> don't give that response. hold on. >> no military decorations or awards. >> to classify it as workplace violence instead of an act of jihad, an act of war, that's the same a
with the taliban last month. >>> a leaked pakistan report details the life of osama bin laden after the september 11th attacks. it mentioned an account of bin laden being pulled over for speeding in pakistan but was let go by authorities. >>> the death toll of the runaway train disaster in quebec has now reached 13. dozens are still unaccounted for. the transportation and safety board now says -- now saying the tankers involved in the derailment have a history of puncturing during accidents. >>> a judge in wisconsin blocked enforcement of a new law. the law had a troubling point of justification and set a new hearing for next week. >>> the battle over tough abortion laws continues in texas. activists on both sides turning up at the capitol for rallies and public hearings. while texas' longest serving governor, rick perry, announcing monday he will not seek re-election next year. >>> let's take a look at business for you now. we turn to courtney reagan. good morning. >> good morning, richard. consumers broke out their credit cards in may. just another sign they're optimistic about the economy. the
, with the afghan president accusing americans trying to negotiate peace with the taliban without him. >>> meanwhile, a report conducted by the pakistani government says the government with gross incompetence in tracking osama bin laden. al jazeera said the country stopped trying to find him as early as 2005 and bin laden was lef living within the borders for nine years. it also explains how he escaped from tora bora and pakistan and how he was worried about overhead surveillance and he wore a cowboy hat while he was outside. it shows a car he was riding in was stopped by speeding for pakistani police not long after 9/11. the report says an al qaeda operative, quote, quickly settled the matter with the officer. i guess you can use your imagination how that went. and they went on their way. >>> we want to update you on egypt where the muslim brotherhood calling for a national uprising accusing the military of stealing last year's revolution by force. the call for action came just hours after yesterday's early morning attack on protesters near a military compound in cairo. egyptian health officials sa
has grown frustrated with dealing with the afghanistan president karzai. the united states and taliban planned peace talks. >>> heart break for a family after a 7-year-old boy was found dead, just feet from where he was seen, now there were questions about the efforts to find him. sherrie johnson is here to explain. what are the complaints? >> police are saying they did everything they could to find him. neighbors are not so sure. the body of 7 year old michael kingsbury was found in an abandoned car two doors down from his home. michael was seen in an alley near the home in dc trinidad and found 40 feet from where the child had been last seen by family members 32 hours before. it only took first responders minutes to arrive but too late. he had died. many people are upset questioning how he wasn't found earlier, police parked their cars feet from the car the child was found in. >> this is sad. i don't know what i'm going to do. the mother says her son had autism spectrum disorder and said the only other time he wondered off he was found a door away. so far police don't suspect foul pl
with the taliban and negotiations over a long-term security deal ended abruptly. we'll talk more with cnn chief national correspondent john king coming up at the bottom of the hour. >>> could nsa leaker edward snowden's new home be venezuela? they received a formal asylum request from snowden is waiting to hear back from him. venezuela's foreign minister cautioned russia still has to weigh in on the request. snowden is believed to be hold up in a moscow airport. >>> vice president biden said to attend a funeral for the 19 fallen firefighters. the union expected to attend. the death of the hot shots considered the worst fire fighting loss since september 11th. >>> unless patriots hernandez lawyers appeal, we'll know what was seized from his home. hernandez is charged with the premeditated murder of his one-time friend odin lloyd. his associate carlos ortiz will appear in court later this morning. >>> and lastly, check out these raging floodwaters creating chaos in toronto. take a look at this double decker train, hundreds of passengers strappeded for more than five hours when the bottom deck bec
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)